Have you ever heard about visual thinking ?

It's a way of thinking that process only by pictures or videos. Your mind is like a 3D software that you control totally. You can create tons of things this way. It's the way my mind works like some people with an Asperger syndrome. It's like having your very own 3D software inside your head that permit to imagine whatever you want and build it pieces by pieces.

Wanna imagine a building ?
Close your eyes and build it from the ground up.

Wanna go near the ocean ?
Close your eyes and imagine a painting that show a beach.

Wanna conceptualize a software ?
Draw in your mind the building blocks and theirs interactions.

Put everything inside their category memory's bubbles and stock them for as long as possible in your memory.

Funny isn't it ?

Wanna know more ?
Read "Thinking in pictures" from Temple Grandin.