I've setup a packages repository for Arch Linux ARM under http://pacman.piment-noir.org to give old ARM hardware users a chance to make their Arch Linux ARM installation work flawlessly.

Is available here a Linux kernel for ODROID-XU with support for seccomp-bpf which permit to run firefox, chromium and more, an update to u-boot for the first generation of cubox based on a Marvell SoC that permit to boot with the ext4 filesystem, an downgrade of systemd to avoid seccomp-bpf issues with old kernel version that do not support this feature.

I will push there another update to the Linux kernel for ODROID-XU with better support for wireless devices including the rtl8192cu chipset and some GCC updates for testing purpose. ODROID-U3 will also have some fixes pushed here ;-)

I plan to push the relevant fixes upstream after some more testing.

To setup your Arch Linux ARM distribution to use this repository (amrv7h processor only for now) :

--- 8< --- /etc/pacman.conf 
Include = /etc/pacman.d/pimentnoir
--- >8 ---

--- 8< --- /etc/pacman.d/pimentnoir
SigLevel = Optional TrustAll
Server = http://pacman.piment-noir.org/$arch/$repo
--- >8 ---

Do not forget that repositories priority in pacman is the same as the order of declaration in the configuration file.
So put it before the core repository since it contain updates to core packages.

Enjoy ! :-)